Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Purple Cow Part II

About a year or so ago, I was on a mission to find an affordable paper trimmer.  I had tried many different brands and even different styles but I either was not happy with the results or they broke.  After much research, I finally got a Purple Cow.  This one to be exact:

I have used this trimmer a lot and, I must confess, I LOVE it.  It always gives me straight, clean cuts and is easy to use.  It doesn't require you to cross your fingers and hold your tongue a certain way.  LOL!  Seriously, it does not stress out my hands and is not complicated to use.  The measurement lines are accurate and easy to read too.

There are a couple minor drawbacks, though, but they are minor and there are ways to work around it.

The first is that Miffy, our dog, doesn't like the noise it makes.  It's not loud or annoying but, like any guillotine trimmer, it does "pop" slightly when the arm comes down all the way.  Miffy is resilient, though, and simply goes upstairs to the cold, tile floor in the quiet bathroom.  She loves to sleep there, so it's okay.

The second is that it can be messy.  I was doing a serious amount of trimming scraps that had piled up around my creative space when I noticed some black powder on my table.  Sure enough, it's the lubricant--perhaps some graphite--that they must use to lubricate the hinge of the guillotine arm.    See:

Those marks appear worse than normal because I slid the trimmer around on the paper.  The black stuff also cleaned up easily with a wet paper towel but my work-around is in that picture.  I now keep a scrap of paper under that spot.  Problem solved.

So, yes, I would purchase the Purple Cow trimmer again.  Mine still works well and has outlasted many other trimmers I've tried.  It's definitely a good trimmer!

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


2KutiesGrandma said...

yeliI also have a Purple Cow - a different model than yours. But it is definitely a good paper trimmer.

Elizabeth said...

I simply love mine to bits and like you have tried different trimmers.

jordiegirl said...

Don't mention trimmers to me - I have about 4 trimmers and am still looking for a good one - funny you should post about this one because this is the one I'm considering trying next!

My first one was a x-cut guillotine and I broke it by leaving it on the floor with the handle up and walking into it! Oops, I hadn't had the thing long! I have a Carl cutter with all the fancy blades but when I use the straight bit I always seem to get a crooked cut or one with a bend in it!!!!! I have a cheap Woolworths paper trimmer which came with 2 blades, a Fiskars one similar to the Woolworths one recommended on TV by a well known crafter - both don't cut clean, jagged edges even on paper. I have a large rotary trimmer but don't get a straight cut with that either! I have a free hand one that was pretty cheap from our local Lidl store, came with a straight blade, a wavy blade and a perforating blade and you know it's a good little cutter considering how much it cost, problem is just holding it still while you cut.

One day maybe I'll get the Purple Cows one like you have. I want something that cuts both paper and card of a decent weight.

Thanks for posting about this.

Darla said...

Is the base on this metal or plastic?
Thanks so much for your review I'm always on the look out for a better cutter and have never had much luck with the rotary ones.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you posted a follow up about this, I was watching you last year as I needed one then, but went cheap and now I am again in the market for a good cutter- grrr! Thanks for the year later it is still good, I am thinking that hubby will get me one as soon as the AF moves us this April- a belated valentine/birthday or early anniversary gift :)
Thanks again.