Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh, the Anticipation!

Please excuse this break from our normal programming but I just have to jump up on my mom box and brag a bit.  I'm sorry.  I can't resist.

In November, I went to my kids' school to see my kiddos perform in a school play for Veterans' Day.  After the play, the school counselor who directed the play pulled me aside to tell me that our son, Bryce, had won first place in a local VFW Post's essay contest.  I was very proud and curious to know what he had written.  We didn't even know that he had entered the contest, let alone what he wrote.

Well, today, I'm sitting in carline waiting to pick up my kiddos but only one shows up.  Ilaria and I waited and waited but no Bryce.  The staff finally asked me to pull aside until he showed up and kept assuring me that he must have stopped by the bathroom.

As it turns out, the principal pulled him from class to film him for the morning announcements.  His essay had gone on to the District level and he won first place there too!  He came home from school today with an invitation letter from the VFW.  We're going to a luncheon on Saturday.

I'm so impressed with Bryce and I'm very anxious to know what he wrote.  We'll finally get to read his essay on Saturday!  I'm so excited that I doubt I'll sleep tonight.  We called to rsvp for the luncheon and the lady was so happy to hear from us.  She said, "I have to meet the 5th grader who wrote that essay.  All the judges who read it have cried."

The anticipation is getting to me worse than a kid at Christmas so I guess I'd better move on already.

Back to the regular scheduled programming:  I currently have 6 participants in the Pay It Forward Challenge I got from a Facebook friend.  They are:  Barbie, Michelle P, Sue, Carol N, Sandra, and Elizabeth.  If I've omitted anyone, please let me know.  My curious brain is jumping back to what could be in that essay.  LOL!

Oh, and tomorrow's free file is a really fun one.  My husband prefers the "Dad" version of the file.  Me?  I really like the "Mom" version.  Now, I know I have your curiosity piqued but you'll just have to wait until tomorrow.  Hey, at least it's not until Saturday like I have to wait!

Until then, Happy Creative Time!


Elizabeth said...

Please share the essay, I am dying to know what he wrote as well. I can only imagine how proud you must be.

Sue in CT said...

Congrats to your son! Please do share the essay with us. Now you have all of us curios and dying to know what he wrote.

Sue aka barracudasue said...

I also just have to know what the essay was about!!!!!! This is SO exciting and I can only fathom how excited you and your family must be! This is just WONDERFUL!

Oh, the file...I love them both but I think the "next mom" is just TOO funny!!!!!! That's MY favorite! :)