Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winners and a Recipe

Wow!  We were blessed with an amazing Christmas.  It would have been better if we could have been with family but it was beautiful nonetheless.  I hope yours was too.

I baked my traditional Upside Down Apple Pie and it turned out pretty enough for a picture

and as yummy as ever.  It's a combination of my grandmother's famous recipe with my adaptations too. 

Mamie made AWESOME apple pies.  Part of her secret was the Minute Tapioca which kept the pie from getting soggy.  My twist is the upside down part and the pecan topping.  I also must confess that I use refrigerated pie crusts.  Mamie's crust was great but the two days to make it isn't and it's also hard on my arthritis. 

As another gift for you, the recipe is here.  I promise your family and friends will love it!

Now for the winners of the guessing contest. 

I had Random.org pick two guesses because nobody guessed correctly.  Our newest pet is going to be a snake.  Bryan's friend forgot it last week but he brought it to work with him today and it will be here tonight.  The kids are excited.  Me?  Not so much, but it will make the big kiddo (aka my hubby) and the little kiddos happy so I guess I can live with it.

If the two of you lovely people could e-mail me at ijr41ug @ yahoo.com (please take out the spaces) with your choice of a file and what format your cutter uses, I'll send it out to you asap.

Thank you again for all your lovely comments over the week-end.

Happy Creative Time!

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Rockin Robin Caldwell said...

Ileana...a snake? Really?? I thought you disliked snakes as much as I do. Yuck...no fur, no legs...no go in my book. Good for you!!! Thanks so much for the recipe. I may try it this weekend. Glad your Christmas was enjoyable. Hugs, Rockin Robin C