Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Did You Vote?

I did.  We even took our kids with us. 

There is no better way to teach your children than teaching them by example.  So, yes, I drug my daughter with me and my hubby took our son into the polling booth. 

We talked to them about how voting may be a privilege in this country but, in my opinion, people should view it as an obligation.  After all, there are countless troops who sacrificed everything so that we might have the right to vote.  How can we not exercise that right?

We also talked about knowing for what and for whom you are voting before showing up to vote and then the actual procedures for voting, including why you can only go to your assigned polling place.  If we do this every time an election rolls around, it should make a difference. 

So that is what I am grateful for today.  How about you?  For what are you grateful?


Sue aka barracudasue said...

I'm grateful for many things but I started the day off terrific by walking up breathing!!!!! ROFLOL It's an OLD joke within our family and most of the people in this area

Seriously, I'm grateful and honored to have the privilege to vote! I was there RIGHT after work and when they thanked me for voting, I told them it was MY pleasure! They all grinned! :)

Kelly S said...

We went to vote today and took our son with us. He is only 10 months old, so a little young to understand the significance, but I suppose it is never too early to start teaching by example.

Lisa Avolio said...

I got to take my 18 year old son with me, so he could vote for the first time. Although our votes canceled one another's for some positions, it felt great to have him along.

tonyakaye said...

I voted! I work the polls and occasionally work in the Election Office when they need extra help! I am grateful for the blessings of the right to choice!

Elizabeth said...

I did go and vote!! Also took my daughter into the booth with me. I did not get the chance to get details of who was running and what they stand for like I usually do, I voted party lines :( i knew who I wanted for governor but no one else.