Monday, November 8, 2010

Combat Boots in Church

As a military wife, I live by subtle "rules."  I learned these rules early on in our relationship.  For example, when my husband and I are walking outside, I am always to his left side.  That's because he needs to keep his right hand free in case he needs to salute somebody.  It's not something we think about.  It's just something we do.

There are other rules too.  Some of them are actual rules.  Take the uniform, for example.  There are specific rules about when and where US military personnel are allowed to wear their uniform.  It is different for each branch of service.  For the Air Force, the airman must be under orders and once those orders are complete, they are to change to civilian clothes.  At what point in the day, those orders end is not black and white.

That is one reason why my husband usually feels uncomfortable joining us for church on the week-ends he has Air Force.  First because of the regulations and also because of the way it seems.  In most churches, it is customary to wear ones' Sunday best.  Our church is a little more relaxed on that rule mainly because we go to the teen service but we still feel very awkward going in more casual attire.  Now, if jeans aren't quite appropriate, what about combat boots?

The way I see it, God sees us when we're naked (poor Him! lol!).  We don't dress to impress God.  He's just glad to see us there in the first place.  Nonetheless, my husband is nervous about wearing his uniform to church and, even more so, about walking in late because the base is too far away for him to make it on time.

Yesterday, it was a little different.  He got out early and for the first time since we started worshiping at this church, he joined us in his uniform.  Combat boots and all.  And the reception we received was very heartwarming.  So, today, I am grateful we attend a church where combat boots are welcome and even appreciated.

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Anna said...

What a sweet story. Love it!!!

Sue aka barracudasue said...

I would deem it an honor and a privilege to see a full dressed service person in church. COMBAT BOOTS AND ALL! Now I'm trying to be politically correct here. I LOVE it when our military personnel walk into the store where I work in full dress uniform. I ALWAYS thank them for what they are doing for "me". ;) I sincerely believe it makes them stand out above the crowd, so to speak, and that's where they should be for doing all they do for us!!!!! I hope I'm making sense here. I love to see them in uniform---no matter WHERE it is! I guess that's the bottom line!

Elizabeth said...

That is sooo cool. Good to hear he was warmly received and could actually make it on time, combat boots and

Caroline said...

what a beautiful story!

Lisa Avolio said...

Love it!
Our church decided that dress should not be a big issue, and we get all types of clothing. Even before then, military uniforms were welcome, although it was rare to see one except on a holiday. We're just not close to a base.
He is honoring God in what he is doing, and I hope he will be able to worship no matter what he is required to wear!

BobbisTreasure said...

A church that would not welcome all people, regardless of how they are dressed, would not be a church I would want to join. A hero in uniform should be shown gratitude and honor, not distain. Good for you and your church community!!!!!