Thursday, June 3, 2010

Let the Fun Begin!

School's out for summer and it truly feels wonderful. The last hoorah was this morning and now our kids are outside enjoying their new found freedom in the pool.

It's a good thing this week's free file is already done because I'm about to join them in the pool and that means our dog will too.

Miffy's a funny one. She just recently decided that water is for more than drinking. She actually enjoys swimming now but only if there's an adult in the pool with her. LOL! She's one smart cookie. She still acts as the self-appointed life guard. If the kids go into the deep end or start to play rough or if one of us goes under water, she starts barking and barking like she's warning us it's dangerous. And when she's swimming, she'll bite the water. The kids call her the Miffy Gator. LOL!

I hope your day is as fun as ours.

Happy Creative Time!


Elizabeth said...

How awesome for you. Make sure you get pictures of Miffy swimming as well :)

Barracudasue said...

Elizabeth beat me to it about the pictures of Miffy and the kids in the water. TOO FUNNY!

Caroline said...

Enjoy your Summer holidays :)

Carol's Crafts said...

I sure the kids and you are thrilled that school is out for the summer. I love to see pictures of all yall in the pool. Dog included. LOL