Thursday, May 13, 2010

What a Combination!

Just a quick little note to let you know I'm hard at work on this week's free file. It's cute but it's also a little stinky. That's okay, though, because I can't smell it anyway. My allergies are in high gear and I'm running out of tissues and antihistamines. What a combination!

Now, I'd better get back at it or it won't be ready this week-end at all.

Until then, Happy Creative Time!


Ginger (Games) said...

Stinky? Are you making us a skunk? lol, Thanks!

eddita said...

Sorry you're under the weather! Hopefully you will get your sense of smell back LOL!

BTW, I wanted to leave you a comment the other day, but the photos of your daughter were lovely. I remember crowing our Lady one was magical. You will all have wonderful memories.

Elizabeth said...

hahahahaha too funny about the file. Sorry to hear about your allergies.

Barracudasue said...

Can't wait, Ileana! Praying you feel better soon!