Monday, April 5, 2010

What Can Be Better?

It's fabulous here today! We had an awesome Easter. The weather is perfect. The kids are on Spring Break. I get to sleep in past 5:00 AM! Wahoozles! What can be better than that?

Oh, yeah, the dress. Thanks to your tips and encouragement, the dress is nearly finished and it looks amazing, if I do say so myself. LOL! It's true. I can't believe how nicely it is coming together.

The French seam on the lace is fantastic! Thanks, again!!! The lace is gathered beautifully and so is the skirt. Even better than that, the zipper went in almost perfectly. Now, only the hem and the veil are left to do. Double Wahoozles, Yippee and all that!

On an icky note, the doctor thinks the rattle snake might have left a piece of fang behind--yep, inside my husband's arm. EEEeeew! She's not happy that the swelling hasn't completely gone away and she gave him another round of antibiotics. If that doesn't clear it up, they'll have to operate so the hubby can keep his "trophy" in a jar rather than in his arm.

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Barracudasue said...

Yea on the weather and Easter.

Yea on the dress. Can't wait to see it!!!

YIKES on your DH and that blasted snake bite! Hope the swelling goes down and surgery is NOT in the future. YIKES!

jzayler said...

My son jumped off a dock while swimming a few years ago and landed on a fish - you could see the perfect line of the top fin on the fish on his foot where each little'pokie' pricked his foot. We took him to the doc and got an antibotic just in case. The nurses all called him fish foot. A few months later he was still complaining that his foot hurt. Finally 6 months later I'm sick of him complaining so I take him back to the DR. DR can't see anything wrong either but he says he'll 'humor him' and he takes an x-ray. DR comes back into the room laughing. Sure enough clear as a bell there is a 'spike' from the fish fin embedded in his arch. DR figured it was calcium just like our bones so his body didn't try and reject it so that's why there wasn't any swelling or discoloration. Needless to say the 'fish fin' is now imbedded in a scrapbook page along with my worst mother of the year award. Thank heavens his wasn't poisonious!

Lisa Avolio said...

Hooray for your progress on the dress. I'll pray some more about the snakebite.