Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On the Way

Take a peek at what I have on the way to the store:

I know; it looks a lot like this file:

Yet, they are different. The one that's in the store now is "Embroidered Pram." The one that's on its way to the store is "Penned Pram" and instead of having to hand stitch the lines, you use your pen tool to draw them in. How cool is that?

Happy Creative Time!


tinab said...

I think it's a GREAT idea!! :) Some people are just so creative!! lol ;)

Caroline said...

what a great idea! such a cute file :)

Barracudasue said...

You rock, Ileana! I'm SO happy you are going to put the "penned pram" in the Store. I LOVE the embroidered one and I was trying to figure out HOW to do with with my pen tool....NOW, I won't have to. YOU did it for me. YEAH!!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

WOW it is beautiful Ileana, you are so creative. I just love your designs.

Anna said...

Awesome files!!!