Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Great News--Not So Great News

The great news is I am ahead of the game. Wahoozles! The not-so-great news is I'm not ahead of the game. LOL!

I'm ahead of the game because this week's free file is all wrapped up in a pretty package and is ready to go. Yay!

I'll even give you a little hint. It involves glass. Well, not really, as I don't think any of our cutters would actually cut glass. LOL! I also think it's very neutral and useful too.

I'm behind the game because other things I wanted done by now aren't done yet. : ( I've got things on my list that I've been avoiding (like making a couple of phone calls) and a few house-work related things. (Who wants to do house-work?!?!? Why would I do house-work when I can be making files and playing with paper? LOL!) Anyway, I intend to cross them all off the list tomorrow--one way or another. LOL!

Happy Creative Time!


debenj said...

Another stained glass file? Love them!!! Good luck with getting your list moving in a positive direction (mine keeps building

CutItOut said...

Seems the way of life, doesn't it, get ahead on one thing and something else goes undone. I know how it is. I'm intrigued about the freebie. Can't wait to see what it is.

Barracudasue said...

Ooooooo, maybe another one of your gorgeous stained glass designs??? You're such a tease, Ileana! :)

Get those things crossed off your list so you can come back to playing with paper tomorrow. LOL

Elizabeth said...

Ok I thought something was wrong when I saw the not so good news part of your post. Can't wait to see this new file you have made, peeks my interest. Hope you get everyting you need done and crossed off your list.