Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Cutter File to the Rescue

Don't you just love it when your kids come home with an assignment that's really for you and the deadline is coming up so fast that you can hear the whooshing-speeding sound even before you can think? LOL!

That was us this week-end. Ilaria--uh, I mean "I" had to make a banner for her first communion and it's due this Saturday. The base of this banner and the dowel rod was provided for us, so that was a help but it's fabric--felt to be exact.

So, since I entered the crafting world through sewing and the banner was fabric, I was really working hard at coming up with a very easy and cheap idea that wouldn't take a lot of time but nothing was coming. Finally, I looked at my desk and saw the invitation I'd been making.

Voila! Another cutter file to the rescue:
Now to make another invitation. Phew! It's a good thing cutter files can be reused.

Happy Creative Time!


Elizabeth said...

great job, I love that cutter files are "reusable"

Ginger (Games) said...

Yes it is! Great job! Love that the kids do this to the parents the day before.LOL

eddita said...

Ahhhh...nothing like the last minute to really get the creative juices flowing! It turned out very nice!

Eddita :)

Barracudasue said...

Fantastic, Ileana! This is just SO neat!

debenj said...

Yup! Kids have a way of doing these type of things to parents...LOL. Fantastic job :)

Anna said...


Renae said...

I had to make the exact same thing for my daughter a few years ago. I also used my cutter, but I was brand new to me then. She also had to pick symbols. So I believe we did a butterfly for new life. It is in my paperthreads gallery in the bottom right in this LO.