Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I must be losing the last of my marbles. LOL! Twice now, in the last week, I have actually entertained conversations with my husband regarding getting more pets. Seriously?!?!?

We have one high-maintenance, spoiled dog. Miffy has epilepsy, frequent ear infections, is a picky eater, huffs and puffs at 5:00 AM every day to be walked, yada, yada, yada.

There's Snowball, our dwarf hamster who is actually potty trained. Woo Hoo, for that! Yet that means that area needs washing every day. I don't do the washing but I'm always the one reminding the kids to get the job done.

Then there's Geegee, the gecko. I have no clue where that name came from but all we have to do for him is buy him crickets and spray some water in the tank.

Speaking of tanks, there's a 35 gallon one in my dining room. It's filled with various fish, 3 shrimp and a tadpole.

Prayer time takes an added minute or two just to bless all the critters in our house.

And now my husband wants another dog and a bunny too. He says they're for the kids and since we'd be getting them for free, it's hard to say no. How is it that the person who spends the least amount of time around the house thinks it's a great idea to add two more to the bunch? LOL!

Hmm. This is something that's definitely going to take more thought.

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Sue aka barracudasue said...

I adore your stories, Ileana! This one made me really smile.

Love the part about prayer time...too precious!

Just remember...the more the merrier!?!?!?!!!! ;)

Elizabeth said...

hahaha, way too funny. Ask dear hubby to stay home one day to take care of the animals and see if he thinks it is a good idea to get more. We have two dogs and 2 birds, have had various other creatures come and go but I love animals and would have a house full if I could. So eccentially I am no help, I would say go for

2KutiesGrandma said...

This made me smile. I have two "free" dogs that have been anything but during their 14-year lifespans. But they do fill our lives with unconditional love and purpose and I am not complaining ;-)

Human to Bear, Boris & Tasha said...

ah, but they will bring more great stories to tell (and scrap)..ha ha ha

TonyaKaye said...

Yes more the merrier .. Just remember how many years each might live! Enjoy ..