Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Exercise

Thank you, All, so very much for your prayers and kind words. I truly appreciate them more than you know.

A while ago, I promised you all pictures of the mass casualty exercise. I haven't forgotten but I do have to explain that they are not as exciting as we expected them to be.

First, because all the planes were involved in Haiti, the kids didn't get to ride in one. They didn't even get to be loaded into one. Yet, that's not the worst of it. No blood. The kids didn't get to be made up with the fake blood they were expecting and they were disappointed. LOL!

They had fun, though. See, here's Ilaria.
She's doing her best to look sick. (Yep, that's how I know when she's faking it. LOL!) What the picture doesn't show is that she was supposed to have severe leg wounds with no pulse in either leg. Fortunately, they didn't have to amputate.

Here's Bryce with his plain, old broken leg. He's being transported from triage to the next stage in the process.
Yet, he worked in his own excitement courtesy of Dad, the exercise planner. He snuck in a "souvenir" in his pocket.

It was kind of funny that they didn't find it right away. They actually thought my son looked sweet and innocent. LOL! Here's a closer shot of it:

It's a cluster bomb. It's called that because they cluster 200-500 of these inside a larger bomb that detonates in the air and then these little bombs spread out and explode on the ground.

Here's Ilaria again.
This time, the troops are under a simulated chemical attack. Can you see Ilaria's "simulated" chemical gear and mask? LOL!

And where's the pictures of me? Well, I was the photographer and I was ambulatory. I had a simulated migraine. I kept asking for the good stuff and they promised me a cocktail. I'm still looking for it. LOL!

While we had a lot of fun and enjoyed joking around, we all got to see the high level of professionalism our medical troops put into their work and the genuine concern and loving care afforded our wounded troops. It was an interesting learning experience and we couldn't be more proud of our men and women in uniform.

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Sue aka barracudasue said...

Very cool exercise!! Sorry the kids were disappointed :(

Still thinking of you and your family and prayers going skyward for peace and comfort!

Elizabeth said...

great pictures. I kept chuckling to myself because I know exactly what goes on in these exercises and I can see the kids trying to keep a straight face as they are "wounded". I, as well, am very proud of our uniformed services, and the family they leave behind when they are deployed. Thank you Ileana :)

Lisa Avolio said...

Thanks for the photos and the report. Great that they could participate, even without the fake blood, and help our country!

Anonymous said...

That is way fun, our excercises don't get to involve any of us, just make long lines at the gate and to get real medical care. But then my hubby was in Radar, so maybe that is why, we can't use children to make the radar blink out and fake enemies in our air.