Monday, March 8, 2010


If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you know I have two kids: one boy and one girl. And, oh boy, are they different!

When it comes to school and homework, Bryce is easy. I tell him to do it and I know, for the most part, it will be done perfectly.

Ilaria . . . well, she's more work. We have to stay on top of her to make sure she gets it done and we have to check her work as she goes along.

Every Friday, Ilaria brings home her homework for the next week. So, every week-end, we have Ilaria write her spelling words ten times each and yesterday, as I was having her do this, I was folding laundry and not watching very carefully. When she said she was done, she handed me her paper and I checked it. Here's the conversation that followed:

Me--"Um, Ilaria. I think you'd better check your words here."

Ilaria--"Why? I copied them just like the paper said."

Me--"Are you sure?"

Ilaria--"Yeah. Why? What's wrong?"

Me--"Well, I don't think your teacher would have second graders learn to spell 'dork'. 'Dork' just isn't a word you'd find on a spelling list."

Ilaria--"Yes, it is. It's on my list."

Me--"Are you sure? Let me see your list."

Ilaria--"Here. 'Dork' is right there."

Me--"Sweetie, I think you'd better take a closer look. That's not 'dork.' What letter is that?"

Ilaria--"A 'C'. That's 'dock.' What's a 'dock?' I know what a dork is. We should really have 'dork' for a spelling word. That would be more useful."

How can you argue with that one? LOL!

Happy Creative Time!


Anonymous said...

lol, dork..dock..whatever. Great story! Games

debenj said...

LOL... I remember those days! LOL
Are you keeping a note book with all the things they say and do? Wish I had. Cute :)

Sue aka barracudasue said...

Ah, the reasoning of a child! Great story!!! ROFLOL

Elizabeth said...

ROFLOL this is way to funny. When I first read the title of your blog post I thought, humm yes she is a but so am BUT this is a great story, your kids are so much fun :)

jzayler said...

ya, why can't dork be a spelling word. Ha ha

Caroline said...

funny!! really funny.... the things kids say LOL

Anna said...

Oh thank you for the belly laugh. I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic, it sounds like my two older children. The responsible one and then there is my second son- he sounds like your daughter and is always making me laugh even though I shouldn't. Thanks for sharing this.