Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wonderful Inspiration

Yesterday, I shared with you a few pictures I've received. I thought they were so very awesome and truly inspiring to me. Today, I've got some more special shots to share.

First, here's Tonya's beautiful take on the "Love You More Card":

I like how she added the black glitter but didn't overpower the die cuts.

Here's another beautiful card by Carol:I love her creativity in creating the sentiment in the center and in her color scheme too.

Now, before I share the last picture for today, I'd like to share with you my inspiration for this past week-end's free file. Here's a reminder of the file I'm talking about, "Lacey Daisy Card."

Here's a picture of a pretty package of daisies I saw in the store.

I loved the little gems on the daisies and I loved how they sat in the package with the bottom edge rising up in the middle. So there's where the idea came from, but since I made my picture of the card digitally, I did not include the gems in my version. Nor did I tell anyone about my idea. Yet, take a look at this beauty:As soon as I opened that picture, I was pleasantly surprised. Nancy did a wonderful job and her yellow centers . . . well, what can I say but that old adage, "great minds think alike." LOL! I also like the sentiment filled with sunshine.

Thank you, all, Ladies, for the awesome inspiration. Seeing your pictures brings me great joy!

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!

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Lisa Avolio said...

It's great to see the different interpretations. Lovely.