Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy CAD Week-end!

No matter what the weather is like in your neck of the woods, it's bound to be an awesome week-end!

How do I know this? Well, it's because this week-end is when Paperthreads celebrates Customer Appreciation Day (a.k.a. CAD). It's certainly something you don't want to miss!

There's going to be a lot of big sales, fun games and many chances to win amazing free stuff--like free files and loads of paper-crafting goodies!

One of the games has already begun. Yay! The 2010 CAD Scavenger Hunt is on! You can check out almost all the cool details right here. I say almost because the free file you're going to get for participating is still a surprise!

Now, before I offer you for this week's regularly scheduled free file, I want to let you know it will only be up for a short while because I'll need to replace it with another special free file. Yes, you read that right! There will be not just one but two free files this week-end. How cool is that?

Here is the first:

It's still governed by my Terms of Use. Thanks in advance for abiding by them! The password is iagreetotou (no spaces, no capitals, no punctuation) and your links are here:

Sorry, these links have expired. Please look for this and other cool files in the
I Scrap Designs
store at Paperthreads.

If you have any trouble downloading the file or if you have any questions, please e-mail me at Thanks!

Now, I just have to share a new file I have in the store. I'm very proud of this one and I think it will be very useful. What do you think?

You can click on the picture of the file to read more about it in the store.

Please jot a note on your calendar to check back here for the second free file on Monday!

Until next time, Happy CAD! Happy Creative Time!


Jun Bug House said...

Thank you honey!!!
Love this file.
It is sooooo nice!

Caroline said...

gorgeous file, thanks Ileana!

Lisa Avolio said...

Beautiful! Even with all the snow we have in Maryland, it looks like this weekend will be fun.

Carol's Crafts said...

Awesome file. Thanks for sharing. I love your new file for the store too.

Anna said...

Thanks so much. Awesome file :)

Anonymous said...

Your creations are GREAT Ileana......and I also love your new paper trimmer!!!

Carol said...

Great file. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to Monday's too.


Anonymous said...

Yes this is beautiful I can see its alot of work thank you Ileana,

Ann-marie said...

Thank you for the heart mesh cut file. It's beautiful. Can't wait to try it out!

Natalie said...

Thanks for this file! I know this will be great for my projects.
That paper cutter looks great, too! I'll have to look into that brand!

Trisha said...

This is soo cool! Thanks for sharing it!

Human to Bear, Boris & Tasha said...

Love the hearts.......beautiful layout

cal8007 said...

Ileana, thanks so much for the mesh file. It is good for all occasions, not just valentines :)


Sue aka barracudasue said...

ARGH! 4shared did it to me again. It will NOT let me download. Your first freebie is lovely, Ileana! Looking forward to your next one.

Trish said...

Just found your site and think you do fabulous files. Trish