Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Time to Report

No, I'm not moving again. (Hey, when you're in a military family, reporting has many connotations!)

I was asked to attend my church's council meeting tonight to report on my English as a Second Language Class' progress. We've made great progress but I'm not sure it shows very well.

My students are still too nervous to speak English when our pastor enters the room. I have to laugh at them because I know they can do it. They just get so flustered. Nonetheless, it doesn't look good. It's a good thing it's a volunteer position. If I were to get paid to do this, I'd definitely have to find a way to get them to stop being nervous or I'd have to start job hunting. LOL!

Anyway, everyone is very pleased. They'd just like a better way to advertise or showcase the class. So, I'm sure my phone will be ringing and ringing again in no time with lots more people wanting to take the class. The more the merrier!

Until next time, Happy Scrapping!

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Lisa said...

Congrats on your class! Our church made up a brochure with a few lines in some different languages, which the current students could give to friends. We also have left some at ethnic restaurants and grocery stores, with permission, of course. What a gift to your community!