Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some Business and More

Two little bits of business first today: 1. I'm going to be having a sale this week-end. It actually starts tonight at midnight and ends at midnight on Sunday night. You can head over here if you want to catch a deal. 2. Renae is the lucky winner of this week's surprise. She's the only one to have left a comment to yesterday's post and so she'll get to pick a file for free. So, Renae, can you please e-mail me at ijr41ug (take out the space)?

And now, for my answers to yesterday's journaling challenge. Remember, you can try anything and you are guaranteed to succeed. So, what would I try to do?

Well, I loved Renae's comment about world peace. Not only would that be the ideal situation, it would keep my very own hero, my Air Force husband safe at home. So, thank you, Renae.

Unfortunately, when I thought about this question, the first two things to come to my mind were . . . um, shallow. LOL! My two things: buy a lottery ticket with a huge jackpot and start a new diet/exercise routine. LOL! Because you're guaranteed success, I'd win the lottery and get a new body too. Well, I can dream, can't I? LOL!

Happy Scrapping!

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Elizabeth said...

LOL, I have been sooo bad about getting on blogger and have not been keeping up on my blog readings, very bad I know. I love your answers, seem pratical to me.