Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So, does anyone know why teachers want kids to do their own homework but always--at least at the beginning of the year--assign things the parents have to do? LOL! I know, you think I should be asking myself that question. But I'm not a classroom teacher anymore so I don't count in this round!

I'm not whining. Really, I'm not. It just struck me as odd when I asked him what he had to do for homework today and he said he needed me to print out pictures from our vacation. LOL!

And that leads me to my next journaling challenge for you. This time I'm going to play the teacher and ask you the question. You'll have to check back tomorrow for my answer(s) though.

If you knew you were guaranteed not to fail in whatever you set out to do, what would you set out to do? Huh? Seriously, what would you want to try or what would you do? I'm really curious to hear your answers so talk to me!

Until then, Happy Scrapping!

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Renae said...

That is an easy one! I would strive to find world peace!