Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You Know. . .

You know you're getting old when you forget your own birthday! LOL! It's true.

All of us forgot it was my husband's birthday on Sunday. We were so busy with all the birthday parties for other kids and the end of the year parties for everyone and everything else we had going on that all of us forgot about my husband's birthday. Even Bryan himself!!! LOL!

He only realized it was his birthday when he pulled out the checkbook to write our weekly donation to our church. LOL! Now, we didn't let it all slip by without fanfare. I baked his favorite brownies. We bought him a gift and we even sang to him. He's not as neglected as one might think. It just came a day late.

So, you see, we might seem to have it all together but nothing is ever 100% as it seems. And, I'm sure I'll have to work that into a scrapbook too. LOL!

Happy Scrapping!

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Her Tale In Time said...

thats so funny! whats even funnier is i didnt forget anyone's birthday but i forgot how old i was!! for two months i kept thinking i was a year younger. and when i sister reminded how old i really was i almost cried! lol