Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Busy June

I've been hard at work on another file for all of you. It's just not ready yet. I can give you a clue though. It's in regards to birthdays. June is a very, very busy month for us. There's my husband's birthday, my daughter's and then mine and somewhere in there is Father's Day as well. I was born on Father's Day many, many years ago and my daughter was baptized on Father's Day. So, yes, June is a very busy, very special month for us.

And, now it seems, it's the month in which we give our dog her annual haircut. She's a beautiful mutt. We love her dearly but she's a bossy, finicky dog. She doesn't let many people near her without throwing fits so we have to give her her haircut.

As my sister-in-law can attest, I'm no beautician. She is one and I'm sure she could do a much better job on cutting Miffy's hair. LOL! I wish I had taken pictures last summer when we attempted her first haircut. It was AWFUL! It was sooo bad we were embarrassed to walk her and I think she was too! LOL! I'm not kidding.

This year, we're taking it much slower and doing one part at a time. We started with her backside and, honestly, it doesn't look too bad. LOL! I'll have to get some pictures to post here soon.

For now, I'd better get back to those files.

Happy Scrapping!

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