Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some Pictures & More

As you can see above, here are just some of our pictures from our trip. The first set is from Animal Kingdom and the second set are a few from Sea World.

For those of you who have never been to Sea World, I tried to show the volume of water just one Orca can move with the slightest bit of effort. The front half of the Shamu Stadium is labeled the "Soak Zone." The closer you sit, the wetter you get. From personal experience, I can honestly say that, depending on where you sit, it's very likely that you will leave the show without a single dry stitch of clothing on you.

My pictures, as beautiful as they are, do not even begin to touch the magnificense and wonder of these animals. So, if you ever get the chance to go to Sea World, do it! Bring a change of dry clothes, but go. It is truly an amazing experience!

I'm going to extend the contest for one more day so anyone who wants to re-guess can do so.

My camera is a 12.2 mega-pixel Canon digital SLR. I used only one 4gb SD card but did not completely fill it--close but not quite. I'll even add a tiny clue. I took 129 pictures at Animal Kingdom but I took more at Sea World.

Happy Scrapping!


Elizabeth said...

WOW only 129 at Animal Kingdom?? I would have thought you would take more. Ok so if you took more at sea world and from the looks of the little slide shows you posted it looks almost like video, I would have to guess you took at least double than AK, so lets see, if my Math serves me correctly I would guess you took around 500 pictures which is less than my original guess, but we shall see.

ninamerle said...

ok now I am disappointed. I was thinking. Hmmm she has to be like me. I take a picture of everything. Ok so you said 129 and then more at animal kingdom. Ok so now I am going to say 850, rough guess. My Olympus 8 meg, 1 gb card can hold 1500.... so 850 is my second guess. NIna
Ps thanks for posting the pics they are great.