Monday, May 18, 2009

Some Time to Play?

I hope you had a fabulous week-end. Ours flew by too quickly but that's so typical. LOL!

Bryan, my husband who has been in the military since way before I met him and who became an Eagle Scout long before that, had to go to a training session for Boy Scouts. He now knows how to go camping. LOL! To continue to lead my son's den next year as Webelos, he had to be trained in how to go camping. It sounded very comical to me considering he's been camping more than anybody I know. Oh, the hoops we jump through for our kids! But they're worth it.

Speaking of kids, I've been working on some scrapbook pages of mine. I have to admit, it feels so good to just play. It makes for a happier mama too. So, tell me, what is the last thing you scrapped? When was the last time you got to play and be creative? If it's been a while, I hope you make the opportunity happen soon.

Happy Scrapping!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had some time to play. I haven't really done anything in the last 3 weeks--hopefully this weekend. I seem to only make time when I have a B-day card that needs to get sent!!!

Have a good week!