Monday, May 11, 2009

Some Balance

I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day. I did. We got to do a little shopping and then we took the kids to the beach. It was an awesome week-end.

Now for the week ahead: there's lots to do and even more coming. Tonight is my normal ESL class for those in my parish who don't speak English. Tomorrow night I'm teaching Spanish to my husband's den of Cub Scouts for their Language and Culture Belt Loop. Wednesday's Ilaria's turn with Brownies. Thurday's my ESL class again and Friday will be precious family time.

Then to add to that schedule, yesterday my pastor asked me if I would help an incoming seminarian with his diction. He's Vietnamese and has been imprisoned for his faith. The poorest of the poor and someone who wants to dedicate his life in service to God and His people. I just couldn't say no. How could I?

I promise I'll keep designing though. It's fun and it brings some balance to my hectic life. And, with that in mind, I'm off to be a little creative this morning. I hope you get to play some too.

Happy Scrapping!

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Elizabeth said...

You are such a sweet person and a very busy one to boot. Take a breather for a few minutes and make sure you take a little time for yourself.