Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Poll

For those of you Cricut owners, there's a new poll going on over at Paperthreads. Actually, it's the same poll as before; it's just in a new location for those who do not wish to register as members in the Paperthreads Forum. So, we'd like to hear from you as we transition over to offering files in a format the Cricut will be able to cut. You can check it out and cast your vote right here.

Tonight a whole den of Cub Scouts will be here at our house and I'm supposed to teach them Spanish for their language and culture belt loop. The requirements were obviously written by someone who isn't a teacher. The boys are supposed to learn 10 new words. Only a genius can learn 10 new words in 30 minutes. Ten new words a week is difficult. Think back to the last time you had to learn a list of vocabulary or spelling words and you'll see what I mean.

Nonetheless, we're going to do our best and since I used to do this for a living, I'm pretty sure the boys will leave here having mastered at least 3 new words and probably more than that. I've got a couple of extra tricks up my sleeve. One of them is to make it a game kind of like Simon Says. At the least, we'll have fun trying.

Happy Scrapping!

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Elizabeth said...

Sounds like fun, I hope it went alright. So tell us how many words they did learn.