Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Science and Oh, Boy!

Hey, I do think science is cool. I did marry an engineer, after all. He's designed some pretty cool stuff including the oxygen and communications systems for the International Space Station and the ion propulsion engine used to send at least one of our scientific spacecraft to Mars. Yep, science is really cool. I'm just not too fond of a holiday that celebrates the bunsen burner. It just doesn't seem like a very wise holiday. You know, it's kind of like having a national holiday to celebrate explosives or arsonists. LOL!

Speaking of holidays, today is April Fool's Day but it is also:

* Intolerance Day (Why is this necessary?)
*Festival of Positive Threats (Is this like "Keep reading my blog or I'll just have to give you more free files?" LOL!)
*National Fun at Work Day
*Sorry Charlie Day (Okay, who's old enough--besides me--to remember this ad slogan?)

Yet, if that isn't enough, there's another one that runs all month long. It's International Twit Award Month. I'm not kidding. Here, see for yourself right here.

And, oh, boy; it looks like I'm in for a change of plans. My son was sick over the week-end and now, it seems, it has caught up to my daughter. So, it looks like I'll be a homebody tomorrow and that will mean canceling my class tomorrow night. I really didn't want another sick kiddo nor did I want to skip out on my students but I guess that's better than giving all of them a killer headache and a fever too. So, if you get a chance, pray for us--that Ilaria gets over it quickly and that I don't catch it. Thanks!

Okay, so 'fess up! The first person to correctly leave a comment on just what "Sorry Charlie" was advertising, will get a free file of your choice.

Happy Scrapping!


Anonymous said...

Sorry Charlie...Starkiss Tuna. Talk about showing my age. LOL!


Elizabeth said...

I understand the science thing but I had to give you a little grief ;)

Sorry charlie was an advert for
Don't ask how I knew

Elizabeth said...

oh and I really like the "Festival of Positive Threats" sounds like my kind of day ;)

Also I hope and pray your daughter gets over the sickness real soon and you do not catch it.

BTW, how is your ESL class going??

Anonymous said...

Starkiss tuna, you know the shark and tuna ad with the fishing line and hook. Well I'm not the first but testing the comment thing. Blocked someone's the other day and couldn't post to anyone's blog. Hope you don't get sick and everyone is feeling better. Games

Anonymous said...

I am definitely old enough to remember skarkist. Sorry Charlie I can still see him with his glasses oh boy age is showing