Sunday, April 26, 2009

It Couldn't Be Better

I don't know how Sundays roll in your house but in ours, it's normally partly relaxing and partly catch-up as we spend time together and also get ready for another week.

Today's catch up included planting flowers to spruce up our front planters. We purchased one rose bush and several drought-resistant flowering plants. Hey, when you're married to an Environmental Engineer, you keep your priorities in line with the water bill!

We also made sure all the school uniforms were washed, dried and appropriately put away. I have discovered that laundry has become so much more enjoyable since we started having the kids fold and put away their own clothes! It also means a lot less of their clean clothes hit the floor in their room because they invested their time and effort into them. Woo Hoo!

Then we rounded out the day--our family day--with lots of relaxing, swimming, and our favorite Mass, the Teen Mass with the Life-teen Band. So, yes, our day couldn't be better. I know that will also set us up for a good week.

I hope your week will just as blessed.

Happy Scrapping!

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