Monday, March 30, 2009

While the Cat's Away . . .

Yep, we're at it again but not at Paperthreads. Nope, Michelle and the crew are still around. This time, it's the Hubby who's gone.

Now, normally I wouldn't let anyone know he's out of town but I just have to share what my kids wanted to do today. You see, Dad doesn't tolerate messes very well--even short lived ones. Also, keep in mind, my oldest is 9 years old. He's in the third grade. So, just what is it he wanted to do? He wanted to . . . fingerpaint. I'm not kidding. Here, take a peek:

Now, I can vividly remember the one and only time I ever fingerpainted (before I did it with my kids). I was in kindergarten. Honestly, at the time, I didn't quite get it. Why would you want to get all messy? Didn't the teacher know that's why they invented paint brushes? LOL! Now, though, I get it completely. It is so much fun and it certainly sparked my creativity today. You'll have to check back later though to see what I've come up with now. I'm sure you'll love it.

So, yes, while the cat's away, we mice will play! I hope you get to too.

Happy Scrapping!


debenj said...

Now they look like they are having FUN!!! Finger Paints allow their imaginations to run wild. :) I remember our son playing finger paint with his sister's baby lotion and powder all over the bedroom wall(his sister is 2 yrs younger so I probably was tending to her when he did wasn't funny at the time but it is now). He was 2+yr & now is 31 with a 5 yr old... yikes!!! Enjoy :)

Deb C said...

finger painting so much fun
you could use the finished paper
for the "glass" in your stained glass frames would be kinda cool and one of a kind
looks like they had fun(Brings back memories)

Caroline said...

I used to let my kids (and Daycare kids) fingerpaint on a wipedown old table. Then once they had finished, we would lay a large piece of paper over the paint, and they would get a print of what they had been painting. They loved it! cheers, caz

Elizabeth said...

fingerpainting is so much fun, when my kids were younger they loved it. Glad you were able to have fun with the kids.