Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What Happened?

Just what happened to all the time in my day? I swear somebody came and mugged me of hours today! I mean it. I blinked and it was 9:00 AM and then I blinked again and it was after 1:00. The whole day was like that. So, just who took all my time today and where did they put it? Seriously, if you find a few extra hours laying around, send them to me because I'm missing mine. LOL!

Since someone stole half my day, the freebie I wanted to get out today didn't quite make the finish line. I hope it will get there tomorrow but if that time thief is still lurking around here somewhere, I can't make any promises just yet.

Now, once again, I've blinked and it's time to get my kiddos to bed. Hmm . . . maybe I should superglue my eyes open so I won't blink at all. Hmm. That would probably make sleeping difficult. Anybody got a better suggestion? LOL!

Happy Scrapping!

1 comment:

Tonya said...

I'm with you! Not sure where most of my time goes. I head for my play room...poof the day is gone and time to start dinner .. hmmm