Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Big Week-end

We've got a big week-end planned here in the Tampa area. It is Super Bowl week-end afterall. If you haven't noticed yet, it's right here in town. Even though our former home-town, Cardinals are playing, we aren't going to it. We probably won't even watch a whole lot of it either. We're just not into watching sports on tv. We've certainly caught a great deal of the pre-Super Bowl hoopla though. It has been all over the news in one form or another for weeks. And you thought the pre-game show beginning at 5:00 am was excessive! LOL!

Instead, our big week-end involves working on cleaning and organizing the garage some more and Scout Sunday. Scout Sunday is where all scouts attend Mass in uniform. As parents of two scouts, we've been asked to serve as Eucharistic Ministers. Other scouting parents and older scouts will be serving as Lectors, EM's, Ushers, etc. Following the Mass, there will be a celebratory breakfast and then we intend to hit Good Will to shop for supplies for an upcoming scouting event.

I hope you enjoy the Super Bowl and I just have to add: Good Luck, Cardinals!

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