Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Bad Thing Turned Good

It was a very good thing Bryan took the day off work today. I drove the kids to school today quickly noticed the van was making an odd noise. I remembered that Bryan had just taken it in the day before at the shop around the corner.

It's a very convenient place because we can walk home after dropping the car off but it seems like every time we take a vehicle there, they find all kinds of things wrong with it--even if we just want them to change the oil which is what they were supposed to be doing yesterday.

So, today, when the van was acting up, I had to wonder if the economy is so bad that a repair shop would resort to less than professional tactics in order to get more business. My husband agreed with me and scoured our coupon stash and the phone book for a nearby mechanic who offered a coupon. (LOL! My husband is the Prince of Coupons. He wants to be the King of Coupons but hasn't achieved that title yet. I'll save that story for tomorrow!)

Anyway, our bad problem with the van turned into a really good thing because we found an honest mechanic who saved us tons. He not only quickly fixed the van but only charged us $60 instead of the $600 we were expecting. Phew! To top it off, we think he either goes to our church or the Catholic church down the street from us. That gives us an added peace of mind.

Well, the first of the Boy Scouts have arrived and I'd better get going.

Happy Scrapping!

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Elizabeth said...

So what was wrong with your van?? Huh? huh? inquiring minds would like to know. Did they forget to put oil back in?
I am glad I have a little skill in the mechanical side of life.