Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Your Lucky Day

So, tell me. Do you like this file?

I certainly hope so. Since today is your lucky day, you can have this file right here. The password is IagreeTOU and, yes, you need to be quick because the file will be up only until I blog tomorrow. After that, it's going up to the store. This time limit applies to everyone except for Nikki. Why is that? Well, she requested I make it, so it is hers for free. Yep, that's my policy. If you request a file, I make it for you for free.

Want in on another secret? I'm always on the look-out for creative people to join my Creative Team. What does that mean? Well, I give you free files and in exchange you send me pictures of what you make with them and post copies of the pictures at your favorite galleries. So, send me pictures of what you make using my files. It makes me happy to see them and I just might make you happy in return.

Happy Cutting!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, I love it!