Sunday, December 28, 2008

Heading Homeward

We're going to be headed homeward in the morning. We're going to stop by and see more relatives on the way. It will be nice to see them and the warmer weather too.

I have said it many, many times. Snow is beautiful for Christmas but after that one day, it can all go away. So, yes, a week of it is more than enough for me.

I'll miss my family and friends up here and I certainly hope I can convince them to come visit us next time. For some crazy reason, though, I'm not having much luck. You would think they want to leave snowy, sloppy, gloomy Indiana and Michigan for sunny, warm Florida for at least a little reprieve but nope. Go figure!

Well, I'd better get packing. It's not loading itself into the van.

Happy Scrapping!

1 comment:

debenj said...

SAFE TRAVELS! OH... could you send some of that snow our way :) Glad to hear you had a nice holiday with your family & friends.