Friday, December 12, 2008

Finding a Better Balance

It seems to me that I have to learn the same lesson every year at this time.

I always start out with great plans for the holidays. We're going to have simple but absolutely beautiful decorations throughout the house--inside and out. We'll have just enough presents to make everyone happy but not too many to be excessive and they will be beautifully wrapped with pretty ribbons and tags to match. We'll have wonderful meals and delicious snacks without over-indulging. I'll send out the most gorgeous handmade cards you've ever seen to everyone in my address book. We'll remember every person whom we should be giving a gift and find or make the perfect gift for each one. I'll even get the perfect thank you notes all sent out in a very quick manner. And, best of all, no detail will be forgotten.

Yes, I have the grandest of plans and intentions.

And, every year, something happens. Things are forgotten. Time runs out. And the compromises begin.

We put up just a tree and maybe a few outdoor decorations but they won't win the annual Christmas Display Contest but we'll have fun doing it. Presents are bought and, yes, even wrapped and I'll remember to put a tag on each one but the ribbons remain in their packaging. Hey, who has time for even the peel and stick bows? Not us, that's for sure! Oh no, what else?! We forgot to get something for Uncle Mike and those cards, well, maybe we won't send out so many this year. What else can I do?

Find a better balance.

Yep. I'm finding a better balance once again this year. I'm trying hard to concentrate on what's really important. I'm doing my best to teach my children about the true meaning of Christmas and if everything isn't quite perfect, well, we'll still have each other and that will be more than enough for a perfect Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you and may you find the best balance too!

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