Monday, December 1, 2008

Getting Better

Woo Hoo! It appears we won't be evicted tomorrow morning afterall. Our phone calls have paid off and the Sheriff's department cancelled us out of their system and destroyed the paper trail so that it cannot be re-activated by mistake. Phew! That is a HUGE relief! We're still checking on what else needs to be done to completely resolve this.

I thank you all for your prayers and well-wishes. They mean a great deal to me.

We certainly have a busy day in front of us today. Besides finishing off the housing issues, there's all kinds of stuff I need to do around the house and more files to get ready too.

I also have to get driving directions and instructions together for my husband so that he can take over Brownies for tonight. I'm sorry, but I have to chuckle at that one. Bryan can lead Cub Scouts without a second's hesitation but Brownies gives him the heebee-geebees. LOL! I'm sure he'll do fine. It's not like he has to do much except drive our kids there and watch them as they do a craft project. He's just going to be pushed just a bit out of his comfort zone.

I have my Informational Meeting tonight for my ESL class. I should get to know a lot more details tonight like how many students are interested and, perhaps, where they are at in acquiring English. It will be nice to know where to begin so that I can get some lesson plans together. Honestly, I'm still a bit nervous about this class. There are a lot of hopes riding on me. I pray I won't disappoint anyone and that my efforts make a difference.

Well, I'd better get busy. Files don't test cut themselves nor do dishes or laundry get done by ignoring them. Oh, how I wish they did. LOL!

Happy Scrapping!

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Sandra from NC said...

woo hooo!!! Glad the house thing worked out great! I can't believe that happened either. The person who started it all needs a good talking to.