Thursday, November 6, 2008

Time to Find a New Vet

I must admit that finding a new vet for our dog, Miffy, is not going to be an easy task. I absolutely loved our vet in MI. He was kind, helpful, friendly, easy to get along with and relatively inexpensive. I loved the way he took care of our dogs and was always helpful. He was such a great doctor, I would have very happily trusted him with both of my children too if I could have. LOL!

I miss Dr. Ben and so does Miffy. Finding a new vet that comes close to Dr. Ben's level of care isn't easy. We've been to one of the closest vets twice now. While the vets we've seen in the office are friendly enough, something just doesn't feel right and it's more than the receipt at the end.

Neither of us liked the idea that they had to examine Miffy alone. What's up with that? Shoot, the whole world was in the room when my kids were born. But my dog has to have privacy to get weighed and get her blood drawn? Are they seriously afraid of Canine Malpractice? LOL!

Miffy is also scared to go in there and I can't say as I blame her. I also do not like the wait-times. Even with an appointment for just a blood-draw, I was there for 45 minutes and there were no other clients there.

The sad thing is, I liked them as people. I'm just not comfortable with their practices nor their prices. So, we'll be on the look-out for a new vet unless I can convince Dr. Ben to move to Florida!


Sharon said...

Hi Ileana,

Try Dr. Mark, at Turkeycreek animal hospital, we have been going to him for 13 years, and really like him, we have adopted 5 animals from him as well,

Go Hwy 60 to turkey creek road, take left to 92 and take right, its about a block from Turkey creek road and 92.

Turkey Creek Animal Hospital

4645 Us Highway 92 W
Plant City, FL 33563
813 7521010

debenj said...

Good luck with finding a new vet. It's like trying to find a good pediatrician for our kids..not easy! I too would be uncomfortable with not being in the exam room when doing a routine exam.(other than surgery or emergency care we've always been with our fur kids) Hoping you'll find one where you all will be happy.

Elizabeth said...

I'm sure you will find a vet you like. It took me 3 times to find one we love. I love my new vet now, prices are decent and fair and they are sooo nice with great service, I can not ask for more.