Thursday, November 20, 2008

Name Your PC Day

Today is Name Your PC Day. I'm not kidding. Have you named yours? I'll have to be honest with you. I haven't but the thought intrigues me.

First, are we that seriously addicted to technology that we would lovingly name a computer? I know I've thought of things to call this old computer--especially in the heat of the moment when it wasn't cooperating with me. Yet, to name it like one would name a child or a beloved family pet?

Hmm. That is something I would have to think long and hard about before doing it. Honestly, "Geezer" immediately comes to mind for the pc I'm currently working on but if I actually named it that, would it be offended and refuse to work anymore? LOL!

So, tell me. Have you named your computer? Seriously, I want to know, and if you did, what did you name it?

Thanks for your comments yesterday. I love comments!

Yesterday's link is no longer active. Please look for "Flip This House" in a store near you. Okay, you'll actually find it at Paperthreads. Keep checking back here too. I hope to have more presents up for grabs before too long.

Happy Scrapping!


Lisa said...

I love that house file. Since Monday we have had 2 carpenters, a plumbing crew & electricians here all at one time!! It's a nightmare to work on a 1900's house.
I will be scrapping this old house with your file :)

debenj said...

PC name... Well can honestly say I've never given a thought to nameing my computer. Since I have a Moose fettish, guess I'll call this thing Moosie :). Have been thinking on what to call the KNK :).