Monday, November 24, 2008

Check This Out

Take a good look at this picture. What do you see?No, the picture is not upside down. That picture is right side up. They are just upside down.

Yes, that is our son, Bryce, having the time of his life. And yes, that is a priest sitting next to him. This picture was taken at our parish's annual carnival, Novemberfest.

My son absolutely loves rides. The bigger and faster the better. He loves the most extreme rides he can get on. He loves to see the pictures afterwards and the enjoys the bragging rights of having gone on them. The Power Surge is just one of these rides. It is kind of like an octopus on the end of a long arm. The seats spin around and the arm raises up and the whole time the riders are spun around in all directions.

So, when Novemberfest came around, Bryce made it his own personal mission to get one of the priests to go with him on The Power Surge. He had to put his persistence to work on this one. It took him three days of asking but he finally got our associate pastor, Fr. Clement to agree to go on the ride with him.

They both had fun but Bryce isn't quite satisfied yet. Now, he's talking about next year and getting our head pastor, Fr. Proulx, to go on a similar ride with him. I wonder what Fr. Proulx would think of that. Then, who's next after that, the Bishop? LOL!

Happy Scrapping!

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Sandra from NC said...

LOL - that looks like so much fun!!! And good for your son to get the priest to ride with him:).

and congrats on your new PC. I know you are so excited about finally being back in the game!!