Monday, October 6, 2008

My Hands are Tied

At least I feel that way. My laptop is not fixed yet and won't be ready for anywhere between 2 days and a week. Oh, man, I miss it!

I was smart enough to realize I needed to run the back-up and double save my important files to my external hard drive. Yay for me! I wasn't smart enough, though, to make sure all my Word and Excel files were saved in a version my desktop could open. Duh! Nor do I have my KNK or my Bamboo Tablet installed on this computer. Also, I'm afraid if I try to install one more thing on the desktop, it will explode--literally. (Ssshh! It's a very fickle computer. But don't tell it I said that!)

I'm not letting these set-backs stop me, though. I'm trying my best to work around them. It's just hard to work using only your elbow. JK!

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