Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Bit Brighter

I don't know if you've noticed, but the stars are glowing just a bit brighter lately. Heaven has the hardest-working electrician and I know that everything up there will be fixed quickly from now on.

Bob was not my father by blood but rather he chose to be my dad. I am forever grateful he did. He loved all of us as if we were his own.

He certainly lived his life as a strong example for us to follow. Even though the cancer was devastating his body and he was in quite a bit of constant pain, he worked to the end. He did it to take care of my mother and to make sure all the guys under him had work so that they could take care of their families.

Yes, he chose to be my dad and I could think of no better man to be the God-father for my daughter. Indeed, we have been truly blessed to have had him in our lives.

So, tonight, when you look out at the stars, make sure you get kick off your shoes and get comfy and know he'll have all the lights on. He wouldn't have it any other way.


debenj said...

Ileana, the stars are brightly shining here and know that your dad will live forever within your heart... Hugs, Thought & prayers your way.

Alisha said...

I hope everything is going well for your family right now. I too have a wonderful step-father. Your story brought tears to my eyes just thinking about how great step fathers can be.
Thanks for sharing