Saturday, August 16, 2008

A State of Emergency and other Ironies

You may remember earlier I told you all about us getting a whole-house generator in the remote case the Tampa Bay Area is hit by a hurricane or some other disaster. Well, while we paid for it, it has not been installed yet. That is scheduled to happen on Tuesday with the propane tanks being installed and hooked up on Wednesday of this coming week. My husband has even arranged to have the two days off work.

Throughout the entire written history of the Tampa Bay Area, there have only been 3 hurricanes to have directly hit here: two in 1848 and one in 1921.

Then, we moved here. And now, the state of Florida is in an official state of emergency. Yep, the National Weather Service is predicting that tropical storm Fay will strengthen to a hurricane and hit the Tampa Bay Area this coming week. Even more ironic? It’s predicted to hit about 2:00 pm Tuesday afternoon. We might have a generator by then but it won’t have any propane to make it work. LOL! It’s only supposed to be a category 1 and there’s currently only a 30% chance it will actually hit here. We’re getting more water and making other preparations just in case and waiting to see what happens.

On a happier note, every time we move, the local Major League Baseball team wins the World Series and currently, the Tampa Bay Rays are doing well. The closest big city also hosts the Super Bowl and Tampa will be hosting the Super Bowl this winter.

Speaking of football, here’s a link on an article of what we did today. Even though it was hot and humid, we had a great time and both of my kids left with about 20 autographs. I’ll post some pictures here tomorrow--I just added that to my "green list". LOL! That's what my husband calls my to-do list since I hardly ever get it all done and end up recycling it for the next day. So, no, I didn't get everything done yesterday and Miffy had to deal with only one walk because of it. She's already forgiven me though.


Robin said...

We have a generator and we've used it several times. It is truly wonderful! I hope the hurricane doesn't hit, and if it does, maybe it will be delayed and you will have your propane tank by then!

Robin said...

We have a generator and I love it! I hope the hurricane doesn't hit your area, and if it does, maybe it will be delayed and you'll have your propane tank in by then! Good luck.

debenj said...

Hoping this up coming hurricane doesn't hit any area too hard. We are way past due here for one & living just 3 miles from the coast line makes you think ahead. Keep safe & keep that generator handy!

Looking forward to seeing those photos :) Sounds like the kids & Big Kids had a lot of fun!