Friday, August 15, 2008

Day of Obligations

It’s officially a day of obligation but, for me, I have to add an “s”—lots of them actually. Today, I have to:

*take care of my kids, of course.
*walk the dog—twice. (She’s a spoiled baby.)
*take my kids and a ton of paperwork into their school and finish up more paperwork there.
*go buy MORE school supplies and school clothes for my kids. (You’d think over $600 of stuff would be enough already and that did not include any calculators or computers like some people have to buy.)
*finish getting the files together for the newest round of “Save Gas. Stay Home and Scrap Challenge” and get them uploaded to the net.
*finish getting the newest round of “Save Gas. Stay Home and Scrap Challenge” written and posted on the forum.
*finish helping Jan with the newsletter.
*blog (Oh, yeah, I’m doing this right now so I guess I can cross that one off the list.)
*work on my file for the KNK Swap.
*work on the whole bunch of files I need to get ready for the store.
*motivate my kids to clean their own rooms. (If I can get them to do that, I can do anything! LOL!)
*then there’s all the other chores around here just waiting for me to get to them.
*and, then, we’ll close out the day at church this evening, celebrating the Feast of the Assumption.

If I can get most of these finished, I’ll be doing great. Wish me luck.

1 comment:

debenj said...

WOW!!! I got tired just reading your list... How did you make out with getting things done?