Monday, July 14, 2008

Upping the Ante and KNK Swap

OH MY! Lori has upped the ante on the challenge! If you haven't signed up yet, NOW is the time to do it. That Lori sure is something else. Just have to love her! Again, the link for the challenge is here! You can find all of Lori's awesome files here!

It's also that time again. If you haven't sent me your file for the KNK Swap, it's time to get it in. It's due tomorrow.

Do I sound like a teacher reminding you of when to turn in your homework? LOL! I used to be a teacher you know. What's worse; I used to be an English teacher. Want proof? "A lot" is two words. Always have been. Always will be. The plural of "a lot" is "lots." Want more? "Medium" (as in a way to express yourself not a size) is singular. The plural of "medium" is "media" not "mediums." What's even worse? I can explain why we eat beef instead of cow, pork instead of pig, and mutton instead of sheep. Can you? If you can, it'll be worth it. I'll give a free file to the first person who can comment with the reason.


debenj said...

I think it has something to do with language between royalty and peasants. Royalty would eat beef, pork, mutton & peasants ate cows, pigs & sheep. It's a language thing that goes wayyyyyyyyyy back.

I want to know why we call 1 sheep a sheep and not a shep?

Anonymous said...

Awww you are sooo sweet!!!!

Loro (Aka Beloved Keepsakes)