Sunday, July 6, 2008

Public Transportation

It's back to work tomorrow for my husband and he's actually excited. Not about being away from home (although I know that feeling at times) but that for the first time in his career, he actually gets to take public transportation and his work is even paying for it!

We've always lived either too far from work or in areas where there was no public transportation. In fact, I have never even ridden on a city bus inside the US. I've done it in foreign countries many times but never here at home. I've even ridden public buses with live chickens and other livestock on them. LOL!

I'm sure that my husband won't have to sit next to any chickens though. The bus will be filled with other employees and it is an express bus that goes directly from our neighborhood to my husband's office. So, it can't be too bad. Especially since he won't have to pay for gas!

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debenj said...

the word Public Transportation brings back some memories...

I've only ever once traveled on public transportation (bus) and that was last year with my buddy down in Orlando, Fl. Boy was I lost and had no idea how things worked. Was also on a high speed line ONCE into Philly with another friend who said she's traveled it her whole life with no problems... well.... On our way back out of Philly, 2 guys jump on with guns & of course I'm in the front seat of this train car and thought this was it! They ended up being undercover police that were going to the next stop to go after someone who was breaking into cars...ummmm why on earth did they have their guns out??? Haven't been on the high speed line since. Scared the jeebees out of me! lol

I'm sure your hubby will enjoy not having to have to drive and better yet, not have to pay for that golden gas to get to work. Deb