Monday, July 7, 2008

Hard at Work

While my husband returned to work via the bus (and ran into someone he knew while we lived in Michigan), I was hard at work around here. I spent the whole day working on instructions and conversions for files that I hope will be up in the store soon.

If designing files for you were just that, designing, I'd have lots of files in the store! There's a lot more to it.

First, if I want to use someone else's clipart or even a ding, I have to research the terms of use and, possibly seek permission before I even start to design a file. That's one reason I usually hand-draw my designs.

Then, there's the designing of the file, making sure each and every line cuts well and that each piece is not too fine or tiny. Then I test cut the file and make adjustments as needed. I want to make sure you are getting the best quality, afterall.

When it works like I think it should, I convert the file from an Illustrator file to gsd, knk and wpc formats. Then, I either scan the cut into the computer to get a good photo of it or create it digitally in Illustrator and Photoshop. I also have to write the instructions for cutting the file and since someone has requested step-by-step pictures, the process is a bit longer now but it will make it easier for you when you cut and assemble the file.

The last step before you get to see it in the store, is to write the description, assign the price and add all the metatags (internet stuff) so that the file can be uploaded to the store. Once I submit my file, it can take 3 business days before you see it in the store.

So, when you buy one of my files, know that you are getting a quality file and that lots of love and attention have gone into it. I also stand behind my work so if you ever have an issue with one of my files, please e-mail me. I'll help you through the problem and make it right. I promise.

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