Sunday, May 18, 2008

MOSI and Another Irony

The good news is they found my washer. The sad news is it won’t be delivered until after the 22nd. So, we’re definitely off to the Laundromat today. We’re also taking a break from all the unpacking and organizing to spend some family time together at the Museum of Science and Industry.

This is right up my husband’s alley. He is an engineer. In fact, if it weren’t for him, there would be no International Space Station. Congress was just about to nix the entire project when he redesigned the oxygen and communication systems on it. He saved the US taxpayer $17,000,000 and rescued the project from certain doom.

Now, with an engineer like that around the house, you’d think everything around our home would work like a dream. HA! I am the one who fixes the toilets. Go figure.


debenj said...

Glad to hear they found your washer! Bet you'll be happy once it's hooked up and running :). That's pretty neat about your hubby and the space program! It's an interesting field.

scrappinmama said...

Here's the website I found them on...