Monday, May 19, 2008

More Turkey Ducks

I have been a busy bee today. Yet, I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much. Don’t you just hate days like that? To make things worse, my husband is home sick. I don’t know whose whining is worse: my husband’s because of the stomach virus or my daughter’s because she can’t have friends over to play. LOL!

Check out these pictures. They’re of those ducks my kids have dubbed “Turkey Ducks” because their heads look like a turkey’s but their bodies are shaped like a duck’s. Doesn’t the one with the white head look like it has a Mohawk haircut?

We’ve asked around but no one seems to know what kind of birds these are. Do you know? I’ll give a free file to the first person who can identify it.


Lisa said...

Think those are what the call " Muscovy Ducks." They are a South American species.
Here's some info:

Lisa said...

This link shows more of them. They sure are ugly! lol

scrappinmama said...

From what I can find on them, they are called Muscovys.