Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Getting Excited!

We’re getting excited! We get to move into our house this week-end. We get to begin to return normalcy to our lives again. But that’s not all; my brother is flying into town for a quick visit too. His employer is sending him to FL for a class. His class doesn’t start until Monday but he’s flying in early Saturday so we get to spend the week-end with him.

I must confess; he is my favorite brother. I have three brothers and, as for birth order, he’s number 2 but he will always be number one in my book. My daughter absolutely adores him too. I know we’ll be busy trying to unpack and get settled in but it’s bound to be a special week-end for all of us. We can't wait!

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Lori McDonald said...

Whoo Hooo!! Congrats!!!!