Sunday, April 13, 2008


We had a blast at Busch Gardens. My son has suddenly decided that roller coasters are really cool. Coincidentally, he rode on his first coaster—one with a loop even--at Busch Gardens when he was 4. He didn’t care for it very much then but liked other rides.

Throughout the years, my husband has always teased my kids that if they didn’t eat their veggies, they’d never grow tall enough to go on the good roller coasters. When that didn’t work, he’d offer to stretch them—that I’d hold them by their hands and he’d grab their feet and we’d each pull on them. For some reason, our kids never bought that one either. Now, though, my son can’t wait to go on the big coasters. So much so, I think he just might ask us to stretch him for real.

If only I could stretch my days for real too. With all the house hunting and homeschooling and everything else, I haven’t had much time for designing or scrapping. I’m hoping that I can stretch a bit more time this week and get some new files up here and in the store too. Wish me luck.

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