Monday, April 14, 2008


Warning: This blog episode contains the humor of an 8 year old boy. In any 8 year old boy’s world, flatulence—yes, farting—tops the list as one of the funniest things possible. So, if you do not wish to indulge in the humor of an 8 year old, please come back tomorrow.

Okay, a bit of background information first. When we lived in Michigan, our children each had their own double beds in their own rooms. Each night, my husband and I would each take a child and read and snuggle up in their beds. Usually, I went with my daughter and my husband went with my son.

My husband, being the tired and overworked guy that he is, would try to cut the snuggling short by passing gas. Now, just what is it about guys that they can fart at will? Do they make them on demand or do they save them up and horde them for the right occasion? Anyway, at first, the traditional bed-time fart was meant to make Bryce laugh but as he grew older, he became more and more disgusted. He started kicking my husband out of the room. This only rewarded Dad by letting him end the bed-time routine sooner so that he could go to bed himself. What a typical guy, huh?

Okay, now that we have been living in a small motel room since mid-March, our kids are sleeping on the fold out love-seat. There is no room for even one of us to lie down with them at night. Well, they must be missing our normal routine. Last night they seemed to have a hard time going to sleep and we kept telling them to be quiet. It got very quiet for a second and then, Nacho, our son’s stuffed Chihuahua peeked around the corner. Along with this we heard Bryce’s 8 year old voice trying to speak in his very best Spanish accent:

I am not happy, Bryan. Not happy! You have not been sleeping with your children enough lately and they have not been getting the farts they need. They NEED those farts, Bryan. They need them. Sleep with your kids already!”

I guess Bryan will have to sleep—and fart—with them from now on. Maybe his plan to get to bed earlier backfired, so to speak, after all.


debenj said...

I do hope you are writing these little life stories down somewhere because they could come in very handy once they get older. hehehe I've had our DIL & SIL in stitches over some of the stories that I've told about their better half... Mom's are allowed to get even once the kids are grown...LOL

Having both a son & daughter all I can say is we've been there! LOL

Anonymous said... are so funny. I definitely have one of those guys in my house, too. My son is also 8 and didn't want to bring his "girlfriend" here to play when his father was home for fear of being imbarrassed by "dad's farting".

Congrats on the house! And how are you enjoying the weather? Actually, I think I sshould ask that next January.